Unified desktop

Secure single sign on

Invotra offers more than a nice intranet for your content and employees - APIs and custom connectors allow your intranet to interact and integrate with your other systems, surfacing real-time data and acting as an interface to more complicated business applications. 

Offering single sign-on (SSO) means your employees have fewer passwords to manage across systems, and they’ll know how to log-in to Invotra from day one. All your security policies will be enforced appropriately.

Because Invotra is maintained by our in-house developers, we can help integrate any and all systems you have - writing custom middleware to connect everything in the way that suits your needs and adheres to your IT department’s standards.

We can help ensure you deliver on your SSO promise. Invotra can authenticate through any security system you have in place, including Active Directory, LDAP, OAuth, and SAML.

With single sign-on and tight integration with other business apps, your employees will find Invotra a delight to use, whether at their desks or working on the train.

The time taken to set-up and launch your intranet will be much reduced and upgrades and maintenance can all be taken care of for you.