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Taxonomy, Tagging & Meta Data

Categorise your Big Data and put your organisation ahead

Invotra will accept and use your current content categories, as part of its information architecture.

Setting a clear taxonomy helps content authors define their content, and improves the efficiency of audits. It’s all about classifying content to fit your organisation’s purpose and culture.

While taxonomy is set centrally, content publishers have the freedom to ‘tag’ their content with whatever keywords they believe to be relevant and useful. Tags help group related content together, and helps Invotra’s search engine better understand the content, helping ensure search results are always relevant.

Metadata, or 'Data about data’,  includes all the salient details about who created and amended a piece of content, the timescales involved, and its taxonomy and tags. Such information provides content managers, end users, and the search engine, with the details needed to understand the validity of everything on the intranet.

Intranet content may not be as structured as database content, but owing to taxonomy and tags, intranet content can be considered semi-structured content. Such content can therefore be shared with other business systems, and Invotra achieves this through XML, JSON, and CSV.