Over the next decade, digitalization in aviation, travel and tourism is expected to create up to $305 billion of value for the industry through increased profitability and migrate $100 billion of value from traditional players to new competitors.

Digital Transformation Initiative White Paper - Aviation, Travel and Tourism Industry January 2017

In order to meet the demands of the modern traveller your organisation needs a digital workplace that allows you to meet all of your customers' needs, while securely storing, analysing and protecting the details and records of all of your resources.

You need a digital workplace which allows you to keep up with today’s hyper-connected travelers, to use the resources these digitally connected travellers bring, using IoT and on-going analysis, from booking to travel experiences. In addition you need an intranet that can rapidly scale, for an industry that experiences seasonal peaks in activity.

Invotra's evolving features and creative service team allow you to continually offer a secure and reliable service and to innovate quickly and effectively, in a changing industry, to ensure you lead the way in digitalization.


Co-ordinate resources

Provide your employees with a collaborative workplace, using remote multi-device features, to share knowledge of projects, customers and job information.

Stress-free onboarding 

Designed to suit your existing resource models, requirements and organisational setup, we will work with your internal teams and existing partners to make sure the implementation process goes smoothly.

Save money

Using an open-source SaaS allows simple scalability and engaging with in-house design, layout and time saving publishing tools avoids future costs as your organisation evolves.


Your digital workplace provides vast potential for improving employee efficiency and cost reductions in the operational side of your organisation. In addition, Invotra offers social applications that will allow your workforce, and your industry partners, to collaborate, share skills, analysis and experience, and innovate with confidence.


Invotra features to support digital transformation in the travel industry

Invotra’s digital workplace enhances productivity by providing an easily navigable intranet and staff directory and allowing remote access through mobile devices. We enable innovation in your industry, connecting your resources through IoT, an extranet service and our social applications. Our software scales with you, quickly and efficiently, while at all times ensuring you retain governance and security.


Travel screens

  1. Digital workplace - Our employee directory applications help visibly organise employees, teams and enable users to quickly and effectively communicate across agencies and teams.
  2. Intranet of Things - Invotra's location data incorporates BIM (Building Information Model) into its SaaS Digital Workplace offering, allowing enterprises to connect their buildings and physical resources to their employees and create new collaboration between all parts of the organisation.
  3. Distributed publishing - Use Invotra’s distributed publishing to effectively share and distribute control over the knowledge in your organisation. 
  4. Mobile working - Mobile working is crucial in any modern organisation and with our product available in the cloud, your intranet is automatically available to every employee anywhere - securely. 
  5. Security - At Invotra we take security very seriously. All members of staff have an ongoing commitment to ensure that, as an organisation, we adhere to industry best practice and international standards set out by the International Organization for Standardization. 
  6. Portal -  Enable evolution in your organisation by collaborating with neighbour industries and agencies. 

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