Technical architect

Streamline processes and reduce time on administration

As a technical architect you will be responsible for driving innovations in your organisation so that it constantly remains ahead of the curve, and with technology evolving at the alarming rate that is has been, this is no easy task. Adding on top of that the need to communicate with staff across many departments and discover cutting-edge technology that enables cross-departmental collaboration that suits all ability levels in your organisation while maintaining value for money is an arduous task.

Everyone from the CEO to administrator will have an opinion on what solution fits best but only you will be responsible for implementing it. It is vital that you make sure that any new systems that are brought in ensure that functional requirements are met whilst also ensuring that service qualities, such as performance and scalability are achievable in the present and in the future.   


System integration

Integrate any and all systems you have, with our custom middleware which connects everything in the way that suits your organisational needs.

Improved knowledge sharing

Knowledge sharing will reduce response time to business challenges, improves productivity, and accelerates innovation.


Streamlined communication 

With the ability to communicate seamlessly through multiple channels getting the right feedback has never been easier.

Finding a solution that 'fits all' has never been an easy task, especially when a workforce has such a diverse landscape. It means finding an intranet that incorporates a positive user experience, boosts productivity, increases collaboration and communications as well as being secure and having an intelligent way to search the masses of information and content that is going to be stored on it.  


Invotra features to support technical architects

Our product offers more than a just a nice intranet for your content and employees. With our APIs and custom connectors, your intranet is able to interact and integrate with all your other systems, surface real-time data and act as an interface to more complicated business applications.

Our product will offer your organisation all of the functionality you require and the support you need, at every stage of your digital transformation. As well as practical help to overcome problems with implementation, due to lack of time, resources or expertise, and ongoing challenges with scaling and evolving use will all be dealt with by our professional team who offer expertise in all areas related to using our product.


Analyst Screens

  1. Single Sign-on  - Improve compliance and security capabilities with single sign-on using SAML or Kerberos protocols.
  2. Security - Our ISO 27001:2013 certification means we adhere to industry best practice and international standards set out by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). 
  3. Analytics - Discover more about how our analytics can transform the effectiveness of your intranet and drive user engagement
  4. APIs - Integrate your systems and push data from your existing business systems to your intranet seamlessly. 

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