Nonprofit organisations

"95% of charities have no HR strategy for improving digital capability"

 Third Sector

Nonprofits tend to have very large, geographically dispersed workforces which is why internal communications and the availability of information is a particularly important issue.

The governance structures can also be a little tricky to navigate as they involve boards and committees, who make the majority of decisions, as well as stakeholders and employees that need to be engaged. All of this equates to needing a system that can suit a variety of needs as there are diverse information and communication needs all within the one organisation. 

Finding a single platform that will address all those requirements as well as being cost-effective is a challenge, but what is the cost to you, as a nonprofit organisation, of not having an effective internal business management tool? Inefficient processes, wasted resources, disengaged staff and volunteers, higher staff and volunteer turnover, are all real possibilities.


Improve engagement with staff and volunteers

Using the our interactive tools such as polls, blogs, profiles and message wall will improve the levels of engagement and loyalty to your non-profit organisation.   

Integrate all your existing systems

Improve staff efficiency by enabling them to access all your systems through one single sign-on, easy-to-use platform.  

Centralise your knowledge base

Keep your volunteers, coordinators, admin and partners connected and knowledgeable by enabling them to access vital information to drive your mission statement.  


Streamlining decision making, collaboration and resource saving changes, such as a paperless workflow, can transform any nonprofit organisation. Providing the technology to allow secure document storage, easy to use and efficient search features and collaborative working on all content stored, an Invotra intranet can provide you with immediate results. Additionally, our innovative applications can ensure you are able to continually develop and evolve as industry advancements are made.


Invotra features to support digital transformation in the Charity sector

Our multi-media publishing features include secure governance of documentation including version control and archiving. Meeting all of your content needs, and allowing developments with custom content types, producing real-time progress or quality control reports, on-going risk assessments and the analysis of organisational data is made simple to produce and easy to share with cloud-based access to the latest data on your site. 

Collaboration screens

  1. Collaborative Apps - Communicate instantly with your colleagues using our Message Wall, or share experiences or upcoming events with our blogs and events apps.
  2. Intranet -  Invotra People plus our suite of easy to use content applications create engaging, targeted communications to motivate users and save valuable time.
  3. Mobile working - Mobile working is crucial in any modern organisation and with our product available in the cloud, your intranet is automatically available to every employee anywhere - securely.
  4. People - Our employee directory applications help visibly organise employees and enable users to quickly and effectively communicate across agencies and teams.                               
  5. Feed -  Reduce the noise on your intranet by keeping users up to date with the information relevant to them, and cutting out all of the volume of activity that they don't need to be instantly aware of.
  6. Portal  - Extend your user base and reach out to your wider organisation with our extranet options. 

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