Agility is a key concern for two-thirds of media companies, with nearly a third (30%) of respondents saying they’re not agile enough to be ‘effective given today’s fast-changing consumer access choices’.

The Impact of Digital Transformation in the Media and Entertainment Sector report By Econsultancy, November, 2014

Your intranet needs to harness the digital connections that are a way of life for many consumers. Fueling your need for transformation is the connectivity, personalising of viewing experiencing, and the expectation of receiving information and updates where and when audiences want it, on whatever device they’re using.

You need a digital workplace which matches these demands, and Invotra provides an open-source software which will allow you to continually innovate, connect with partners, utilise your resources and personalise services using our Intranet of Things.



Utilise organisational insights to innovate

Our data capture and analytics tools allow you to gain a greater understanding of your organisation's resources and employee habits, to allow you to invest wisely in future projects.

Remove silos and hierarchies

Ensure your vision and strategy are shared across your organisation and that ideas and innovation are heard and acted upon.

Harness the power of mobile and social networking 

The adoption of mobile solutions and collaborative social working can help businesses maximise revenues and avoid losses when faced with unexpected events.  

Transforming your digital workplace enables your employees, and your industry partners, to collaborate, share skills, analysis and experience, and innovate with confidence. Reducing costs by improving employee efficiency and streamlining publishing processes, while delivering secure and accountable content management, Invotra provides the features you need to successfully meet new technological developments. 


Invotra features to support digital transformation in media

Enabling innovation in the media industry, Invotra connects your resources through IoT and an extranet service and provides you with the tools to ensure your communications are both engaging and swift in reaching their intended audience. Our social applications provide the collaboration your employees expect, to ensure your innovation is powered by your organisation communicating with ease. Successful digital transformation, resulting in the need for your organisation to expand is not a problem, as our software scales with you, quickly and efficiently, while at all times ensuring you retain governance and security.


Publishing screens

  1. Digital workplace - Our employee directory applications help visibly organise employees, teams and enable users to quickly and effectively communicate across agencies and teams.
  2. Intranet of Things - Invotra's location data incorporates BIM (Building Information Model) into its SaaS Digital Workplace offering, allowing enterprises to connect their buildings and physical resources to their employees and create new collaboration between all parts of the organisation.
  3. Distributed publishing - Use Invotra’s distributed publishing to effectively share and distribute control over the knowledge in your organisation
  4. Mobile working - Mobile working is crucial in any modern organisation and with our product available in the cloud, your intranet is automatically available to every employee anywhere - securely.                              
  5. Security - At Invotra we take security very seriously. All members of staff have an ongoing commitment to ensure that, as an organisation, we adhere to industry best practice and international standards set out by the International Organization for Standardization. 
  6. Portal -  Enable evolution in your organisation by collaborating with neighbour industries and agencies. 

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