Enabling digital transformation in Local Authorities


User comments and activity have increased by 500%, compared with our previous legacy intranet

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Your digital workplace needs to break down departmental silos offline in order to help improve the way local authorities collaborate online. We provide regular service reviews and pan-customer meetings in order to bring our customers together to drive efficiencies and help prioritise our roadmap. With your focus on cost and resource efficiencies, while ensuring all of your departments' needs are met and levels of security are kept high, you need an intranet provider you can trust.


Engage your users

Provide your employees with an intuitive, collaborative and engaging intranet, offering exciting features to ensure a successful, authority wide, digital transformation.

Save money 

Use our open-source technology to allow your in-house team to save money and time by engaging with our in-house design, layout and time saving publishing tools.

Maintain security 

As a vendor who has a proven track record in Government, Invotra ensures your local authority can trust in our policy compliance and exceptional security at all times.


Our features such as Groups and Message Wall, promote both formal and informal internal communication, breaking down any barriers to cross-departmental communication. In addition, your challenges with budgets and resources are overcome with our onboarding services and data migration services, allowing the rapid and cost efficient replacement of any existing intranet.

Local authority employees will find Invotra easy to use, offering an intuitive digital workplace which will allow those confident in digital communication the control and flexibility they require, while offering a simple and straight-forward experience, with effective searches and reassuring notifications, for those who lack confidence in using an online platform for collaboration. Our ongoing evolution ensures your digital workplace is accessible to a diverse workforce and enables them to work remotely.


Invotra features to support digital transformation in local authorities

Invotra’s digital workplace enhances productivity and enables evolution, connecting your people, content and things. Our software scales with you, safe in the knowledge we take security and governance seriously.


Intranet Social Teams Screens

  1. People- Our employee directory applications help visibly organise employees and enable users to quickly and effectively communicate across agencies and teams.
  2. Social - Encouraging the breaking down of silos Invotra's enterprise social networking applications, including blogs, groups and our Message Wall, ensure collaboration and knowledge sharing is part of your organisational culture.
  3. Intranet - Invotra People plus our suite of easy to use content applications create engaging, targeted communications to motivate users and save valuable time.                                                                    
  4. Distributed publishing - Use Invotra’s distributed publishing to effectively share and distribute control over the knowledge in your organisation.
  5. Security - At Invotra we take security very seriously. All members of staff have an ongoing commitment to ensure that, as an organisation, we adhere to industry best practice and international standards set out by the International Organisation for Standardisation.
  6. Extranet - Extend your user base and reach out to contacts beyond your local authority with our extranet options. 

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