Share knowledge

Challenges faced in sharing knowledge

Sharing knowledge or knowledge management, as it's sometimes referred to, is about converting available raw data into understandable information and in large enterprises, ensuring the right knowledge reaches the right people can be a bit haphazard. The survival of almost all businesses is dependent upon the creation and utilisation of new knowledge and it is therefore inevitable that knowledge needs to be shared. When done well, knowledge sharing will reduce response time to business challenges, improve productivity, and accelerate innovation.


Connect your business applications

Streamlining all of your business applications so that they are accessible through one platform increases productivity in your workforce.

Catalogue your knowledge

Catalogue everything using a structured or user-built taxonomy - use tags and meta data to make information more discoverable. 

Showcase user experience

Detailing individual profiles and populating them with skills gives people access to a resource that has been previously under-used.

As the age-old saying goes, knowledge is power and this is particularly true when applied to knowledge management. Knowledge management helps problem solving, dynamic learning, collaboration, strategic planning and decision making, and also protects intellectual assets from decay.  

Invotra features to enable knowledge sharing

Our product organises and captures one of your organisation’s most valuable assets and we don't just mean knowledge on documents we manage, it's knowledge of people too. Create and sustain competitive advantages by collecting and sharing information on skills and expertise from your organisation. Save money on resourcing, work faster and smarter as well as gaining vital business intelligence about your workforce.

Group screens

  1. Groups Give your users the power to create self organising digital conversations. initiating discussions with individual posts, replying and interacting with others who have posted, and collaborating on content using Invotra Group Docs.
  2. Ideas - Give all employees the ability to submit ideas for improvements, then moderate and assign all suggested ideas to the correct teams for development into your next round of innovation.
  3. My feed - Keep users up to date with all the latest relevant activities and communications from colleagues, teams and groups.
  4. Distributed Publishing - Distributed publishing enables the delegation of publishing responsibilities across your organisation, cascading author, editor and publisher permissions from onboarding, to individual section owners and outwards through your organisation.
  5. PeoplePeople sit at the heart of a successful enterprise organisation so utilise your workforces' skills and increase your knowledge bank by encouraging knowledge sharing. 
  6. Search Our People, Teams and Locations searches use Apache Solr, and offer full-text and faceted search, and search landing pages for each individual directory.

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