Improve employee engagement and empower your users   

Providing intuitive, familiar applications

Invotra makes it easy for users to collaborate, create and publish content, share knowledge, locate their colleagues, receive data about their workspace, build profiles and network.  Built with the users in mind, the intuitive application is designed to replicate social networks that your users will find familiar.
To ensure your organisation is guided through the implementation and continued use of Invotra, training is available to provide the help that you and your users need to get the most out of Invotra. Our training programmes are available to guide your organisation throughout your use of Invotra and give you the expertise needed to get the most from your digital workspace.

Guiding you through a successful implementation

Training confident, engaged users for every role in your organisation

Support is available for all types of users and their roles. We offer induction for new users to give them confidence in using Invotra, support for users who are completely fresh to publishing and collaboration, or if you have an experienced administrator wanting to transfer existing knowledge and apply it to Invotra.

Our training programmes guide you through your use of Invotra and give you the expertise needed to get the most from your digital workspace: 

1. Invotra induction training: An introduction to using Invotra

2. Invotra content training: Creating, editing and publishing content on Invotra

3. Invotra apps training: Interacting and creating content with apps on Invotra

4. Invotra site section training: Creating and managing site sections on Invotra

5. Invotra webmaster training: The webmaster role



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