Technical architecture

Perfect integration is our goal

Creating a data connection hub

Working within your existing infrastructure your Invotra intranet has many connector modules for working with other software, and our developers can amend or create bespoke middleware to link up with whatever databases, software or user applications. Offering single sign-on and authentication systems, Invotra will easily allow a unified desktop to connect and integrate all your third party and support systems.
Working with your enterprise architect or senior IT manager, we will ensure Invotra adheres to your architectural specifications, models, and policies. 

Perfectly fitting within your digital vision

Providing all the support you need

Our Invotra service team will work with you to ensure successful integration of software and network architecture and with existing internal systems (legacy or otherwise). We will also provide ongoing support to deal with any issues around hosting infrastructure, performance, business continuity, disaster recovery, security, interoperability and scalability.

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