SAAS Intranet


Manage your intranet, not the technology

It used to be that larger enterprises would host their own intranets and enterprise applications at head office, while hosting their customer-facing website externally with a business partner. Smaller companies could afford a website in just the same way, but couldn’t manage the resources required for a full-scale internally hosted intranet.

Everything has changed, and everything is changing again.

Both larger organisations and SMEs of all sizes are moving parts of their digital workplace to the cloud. More than hosting, the cloud offers software as a service (SAAS), meaning that instead of merely buying software applications from a vendor, you can now rent the application as a service.  

Invotra in the cloud removes the technical barriers that smaller organisations face in starting a big technical project, and offers larger enterprises the high service levels and ease of access they’ve come to expect from SAAS. Updates, upgrades, and new features can be added without interrupting your service, and without diverting your resources. It’s all part of the service.

Technology projects that used to start with technical architecture and installation can now skip these steps, knowing that Invotra will be made available as soon as the requirements have been defined.


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