Project management

Project management that works with your culture, not ours

Supporting or leading the installation and integration with your existing systems.

The implementation project encompasses more than installation and configuration. The business objectives and stakeholder expectations should direct the growth of your intranet beyond the initial technical project. Our project managers will adapt to your business processes, and we know the time and effort Invotra takes to install, configure, and design. 

Many clients follow an agile methodology, but considering how stakeholders often want detailed plans, we’re happy to adopt a waterfall / agile hybrid that suits your needs and culture. Whatever your preferred approach, our experienced project managers will work to deliver on time, on spec, and on budget. Staying ahead of the project and assisting with detailed project planning and control and any issues with management of project scope and change control Invotra's project managers will ensure your digital transformation is a success.

Creating an intranet platform that is ready to connect your business processes and people.

Mitigating the impact of serious risks to progress

Together, we can build a risk register and the protective processes needed to create success and adapt to change. By creating and maintaining a meaningful risk register, we can prepare for common occurrences like scope creep and decision changes. Our service team offer expertise on quality, testing, and acceptance and risk management and will maintain frequent communication throughout the project.

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