The Invotra Platform is a world-class and proven open-source technology platform that supports the Invotra Product application layer.

It provides all the core components that our clients need to use in order to build in-house or use 3rd party applications that are seamlessly integrated with the Invotra application.

Comprised of a rich stack of open source software that is constantly pushing the boundaries of performance, security and stability it provides the perfect environment to enable rapid, stable development deployed into your enterprise.

The stack utilises a wide range of applications such as SELinux, Drupal, Solr, Apache, Memcache, MySQL, Nagios to provide the perfect delivery environment all built on a secure cloud infrastructure

Core Components

  1. Drupal CMS
  2. Search
  3. Analytics
  4. UI/UX
  5. IA
  6. SSO
  7. Webserver
  8. Database
  9. Caching
  10. Monitoring


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