Open source technology

Nanos gigantum humeris insidentes

'Standing on the shoulders of giants' and discovering truth by building on previous discoveries, perfectly describes our approach to technology.  We layer our knowledge upon the great open source technologists of our times to make sure that we help to contribute to future development, rather than re-engineer what is already done brilliantly.

We use open source methodology in everything we do.  When designing Invotra we constantly challenged ourselves asking if every feature is easy for the user to use or really necessary? Any functionality that wasn't considered useful enough was taken out so that the primary functions were given centre stage.  

The development process leads to a system which is easy to use, whoever you are.  Users can find their way around it easily, editors can publish and manage their workfow effectively and web masters can change the look and design of the system to match the organisational changes.

Invotra delivers:

  1.  Modern Technical Architecture
  2. SAAS platform to IL3
  3.  Standards Compliant
  4. Browser Agnostic
  5. Responsiveness
  6. Open Interfaces / SSO
  7. Open source stack
  8. Secure to IL3 for government

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