Business analysis

Meeting your problems and needs with our digital workplace solutions

Fully aligning your 

intranet functionality 

with your strategic 

and commercial


Our business and IT expertise will ensure your intranet development is always considered as part of a bigger picture. We have the experience and skills to fully integrate your Invotra intranet amidst your existing systems and infrastructure, enhancing your workflows, business intelligence and productivity.

The discovery phase of the project enables our business analysts to work with you to understand your objectives and your technical architecture. Our business analysts remain a constant point of contact for you throughout the project to ensure a successful implementation.

Putting your

requirements first

Providing analysis

and support


Working directly with your project manager and stakeholders, our business analyst will ensure they have full understanding of your explicit and implicit requirements. This will ensure they can match your exact needs to Invotra capabilities and ensure data migration strategy is thoroughly reviewed.

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