Intranet & Extranet Publishing

Publishing what you need to whoever you need to read it.

We provide a straightforward way to publish news, project updates, and reference material. Creating an intranet page is a simple case of clicking ‘Add content’ on your Invotra tool menu, and choosing the content type. You then fill in the fields and draft your content. You may send your draft for review, and schedule your page to publish at a set time. The ability to add comments to an unpublished piece of content by those collaborating allows constant communication of changes and updates before publishing to a live environment.

Drafting content, or editing existing pages, is all done on one screen, and is so intuitive that most people new to content creation will become confident in a matter of minutes.

Only people with permission can publish, and only within permitted locations. The intranet section manager (or overall intranet manager) can quickly set and amend people’s permissions, so as to share the responsibility for maintaining and growing the intranet among a number of people - as appropriate to the culture of your organisation.

Managing content, over the long-term, is also intuitive as Invotra will help you send drafts to reviewers, and remind you about ageing content over the months and years.

You can schedule pages to be published any time (as you would expect for news) and you can also schedule content to be unpublished at any time. This is a very useful Invotra feature, and combined with the review reminders (for ageing content) helps you maintain an intranet that is always relevant and never out-of-date, in accordance with your content strategy.

Content creators can feel confident right from the start because Invotra offers 20+ different content templates to help guide the presentation of information. Content templates include pages for news, policies, blog articles, polls, media galleries, process guidance, forms, events, and general wiki pages.

Invotra’s on-screen content editor provides a clean and simple environment for drafting new content, pasting in new content, and editing existing pages.

Redaction at source

Invotra is the first system to offer digital redaction ‘at source’.  Redacting sensitive data and information from published content is important to many organisations, but digital redaction is a core feature offered by Invotra. Rather than spending time on blacking out printed material and then scanning it into PDF, or spending money on specialised PDF software, Invotra offers secure, consistent digital redaction right where you need it, and you never lose access to the original content.  Digital redaction can significantly reduce the time and costs associated with auditing and FOI (freedom of information) requests.

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