Internal communication as sophisticated as your marketing.  

Gone are the days of pushing the same messages to everyone in a one size fits all approach.  Users are receiving sophisticated targeted communications everyday whether it be on their smart-phone, an app, digital signage or computers.  You need to be able to cut through the noise to connect with your audience.

Increased engagement with targeted communications - The ability to add feeds that display up to date information allows you to contact the people with the right messages at the right time.  Target users by role, department, location to increase engagement.

Manage your publishing process end to end - When considering the creation, reviewing, publishing and archiving of corporate communications you need workflows, version control, document locking and archiving.  You can specify all of these and set them up according to the publishing rights in your organisation.

Present your content creatively - You have widgets, page templates and layouts to select from so you can design and position your content quickly with ease.  We also provide you with simple tools to change the look and feel of Invotra to follow your branding.

Content types to suit every style  - Invotra gives you a content type to suit any requirement, whether it's a webform, poll, policy, page or wiki.  The template is set up so creation of documents can be done quickly and without fuss.

Vital tools for auditing FOIA (freedom of information act) - Redaction comes as standard, no extra software required. We can even limit the functionality so only a few people in the organisation are able to redact content.

Measure! Measure! Measure! - Invotra comes with built-in analytics thanks to Piwik, the leading analytics system offering unparalleled security and rich reports.

Invotra makes complex corporate communications easy. Create, review and publish engaging content in no time.

Invotra is used in organisations to collaborate, share knowledge, search on documentation as well as publish.  

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