Nurture a variety of important relationships. Engage people, agencies & external third parties using Invotra Portal.

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Extend your user base

Use Invotra Portal to engage people and agencies outside your core user base.

Control access

Invotra Portal recognises classes of users, depending on agency or single sign on identification, giving appropriate access to your Digital Workplace.

Provide access

The data hierarchy of your intranet can be extended to allow external users to read and publish articles.

Engage people, agencies & external third parties using Invotra Portal. Provide access to read or publish knowledge articles, within the standard data hierarchy of your Intranet. Building on the granular control of Invotra Intranet capabilities, Invotra Portal recognises classes of users depending on agency or single sign on identification, giving appropriate access and control to your Digital Workplace.


Enable evolution in your organisation by collaborating with neighbour agencies and groups. Whether you are a Government department sharing knowledge, a Non-profit engaging different levels of your volunteer base, or a Multinational enterprise integrating silos across your structure. Take the next step in your Digital Transformation.

Search accurately and effectively

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Every word in Invotra is searchable, allowing external users to quickly and effectively find the right content, within their restricted access, every time. Using open source search, Apache Solr, Invotra offers full-text search, with customisable and faceted search options.

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Allow distributed publishing to evolve content publication in your enterprise.

Distributed publishing

Invotra’s distributed publishing enables the delegation of publishing responsibilities across your organisation and beyond, cascading author, editor and publisher permissions from your onboarding team, to individual section owners and outwards to valued stakeholders. External users can be part of your organisation's publishing teams, sharing their knowledge and experience by creating content on the site sections they are given access to.

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Invotra Portal features

  1. Section management - Share necessary information with people or agencies from outside of your organisation within a controlled environment using restricted areas of the intranet making them available to external users.                                        
  2. Groups - Allow external users to join digital conversations, initiating discussions with individual posts, replying and interacting with others who have posted, and collaborating on content using Invotra Group Docs.
  3. Profiles - Allow external users to engage with your digital workplace and colleagues by building their own profile for your site.
  4. Social and collaboration - Collaborate with people or agencies from outside of your organisation, sharing vital content and developments in published content and allow external users to interact with the information they are able to view.
  5. Security - Be reassured that all content and resource sharing is protected by our industry best practice and international standards set out by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). 
  6. Teams - Organise and structure your external users via Invotra Teams.

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