People directory

Connect your people with Invotra People Directory. Providing every user with a customisable profile and our fast, easy to use search. Locate those with the right skills and in the right place, using natural language search or advanced filtering.  Maintained automatically with API input/output to all other common directories including Active Directory, Invotra People has the added features of exporting data such as search results and enabling Single Sign-on. Delivering enterprise level hierarchical management Invotra People Directory easily configures the degree of control for general organisational users by allowing self administration of some profile fields while freezing or even completely hiding others.

Connect your people with Teams and Locations. Interact with the follow and notify option, if used with Invotra Enterprise Social Network. Identify skills by including Invotra Badges for highlighting skills like ‘first aid’ in search results. Use Invotra Org Chart to display management hierarchy, or even Invotra Team Chart to display formal team hierarchy. Or grow into the full Invotra Digital Workspace by enabling the Intranet or Extranet features.


People directory features:

  • view all users in your organisation.

  • see the Teams they work in.

  • search for users with a filtered search.

  • view a user’s details on their profile.

  • add details to your own profile.

  • find information about all of the Teams in your organisation (members, locations and contact details).

  • contact your colleagues directly.

  • communicate in various ways through the content and app tools.

Let us show you why

Feature list

People Directory

Users can view a directory of all users in your organisation via your intranet.


Improve engagement.
Better social working

People Search
Search people in the same way as content.

Improved knowledge management.
Better user expience.
Improved efficiency.
Drive better social engagment.