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Empower your people

Provide every user with a customisable profile to allow them to promote their skills and expertise and share these with your organisation.

Locate skills and experience

Find colleagues with the right skills and in the right place using our fast, easy to use search.

Connect across Teams and Locations

Create links between all of your organisation’s resources and facilitate the communication and collaboration that takes place.

People sit at the heart of successful enterprise organisation. Invotra People offers your employees a dynamic range of directory service applications, powered by the data contained in existing HR systems. In many cases users can populate and update their own profiles through permission based self-administration. That data is then presented in such a way that individuals, team and groups can connect to each other like they would in any modern social network.

Invotra is already helping organisations large and small manage their employee data. Our customers, who include several UK Government departments, have already chosen Invotra People as their staff directory or people finder. Contact us to find out how Invotra People can work for your organisation.

Invotra People features

  1. Profiles - Create detailed, interactive and well populated profiles for all of your employees using existing data in your HR systems and details added by the users themselves.
  2. Teams - Identify the skills, roles, locations and contact details of colleagues in each your organisation’s teams.
  3. Locations - Allow users to search for details of buildings, offices and all of your organisation’s resources, with a locations directory which is easily created and updated.
  4. Search - Our People, Teams and Locations searches use Apache Solr, and offer full-text and faceted search, and search landing pages for each individual directory.

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