Delivering accessible experience for everyone in your organisation

Accessibility webinar

At the heart of what we do is our aim to provide an intranet which not only meets WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) AA but which works to continually enhance the accessibility experience for all users.

Our Accessibility Product Manager, Andrew Doyle recently presented a webinar to share his expertise and work on delivering accessible intranets. View the webinar here.


Making intranets accessible for 100% of users

.View COO Paul Zimmerman's presentation: Accessibility for the 100% - making your intranet accessible to everyone and video of that presentation from the Intranet Now conference: 

What can I do to make my intranet accessible?

Accessibility workshop

You can learn more about our journey to make this a reality, in our accessibility blogs and check out these slides from our accessibility workshop.

We've also collated a number of web accessibility resources which may help make your digital workplace more accessible.


 Read more about our accessibility features in these free resources, blogs and related content.

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