Invotra's enterprise intranet software connects your people, content and things.

Our people directory, intranet and enterprise social networking software give you the tools to enable your digital transformation.

Using Invotra's SaaS intranet software users can efficiently find and interact with content, and confidently connect and collaborate with their colleagues across teams and departments.

  • Invotra People - Our staff directory applications provide a customisable profile for every user, allow enterprise level hierarchical management and offer users fast, simple search functionality.

  • Invotra Intranet - Our extremely powerful content management system provides organisations with powerful content authoring, review and search functions. Invotra Intranet also enables the creation of beautiful design to engage employees, using simple drag and drop interfaces, and ensures users are provided with up to date business knowledge.

  • Invotra Social - Invotra's enterprise social networking applications such as groups, message wall and blogs engage employees across an organisation in collaborative and accessible communications.

Combine all of these Invotra products to underpin your digital transformation programme, increase employee engagement and improve productivity and efficiencies. Invotra offers your organisation complete control, but with our support, in a rapidly changing digital culture by including new features such as Invotra Things (IoT and BIM) to connect your people, locations, content and things.

Invotra provides a sustainable centralised communication system that evolves with you, bringing business applications, departments, offices and people together and creating an engaging digital workplace.

Invotra enables evolution.



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