Let us show you why


Invotra Intranet is an extremely powerful Content Management System (CMS) used by communications teams in enterprises supporting hundreds of thousands of end users.

Invotra's origins sit in the field of enterprise content management.

Organisations use Invotra Intranet to drive all communications from Communications Departments, from simple news items to complex manuals and guidance.

Invotra Intranet continues to grow. In 2014, Invotra developed redaction at source capabilities - potentially saving Content Creators, Editors and Knowledge Managers hundreds of man hours per annum.

Invotra Intranet features:

● Pages

● News

● Lists

● Events

● Webforms

● MultiMedia

● Galleries

● Tickets (Invotra Platinum, Invotra Gold & Invotra Silver only)

● Manuals (Invotra Platinum, Invotra Gold & Invotra Silver only)

● Custom content (Invotra Platinum, Invotra Gold & Invotra Silver only).