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Let Invotra deliver the content so you can concentrate on the results.  

We offer you a unified communication tool for all your content delivery needs.  With Invotra you can deploy creative content for your clients internal communications, HR and employee engagement campaigns rapidly and with ease.  

Our intranet has been built with your revenue streams in mind.  A digital workspace that is flexible enough to cope with fast design changes, the quick creation of areas for team collaboration, a huge selection of feeds and widgets that deliver targeted content to the relevant employees anytime.  

You can set up a public group in the intranet, create posts that feed content direct to users desktops, upload your campaign branding to change the pages to create a hub, create games to encourage employees to engage with the campaign, publish documentation and policies.   All this can be done by you, in house or on your clients site.

When the campaign has gone out why not test its effectiveness with the built in analytics?  Invotra can handle big data analysis.  Ask questions like...What topics get the most cross departmental collaboration on?  Who are the real Mavens in the organisation?  What topic generates the most engagement? What words are commonly used in the organisation? Did the engagement strategy work over the last 12 months?  Use real business intelligence to drive your leadership, motivation and engagement campaigns.

Invotra is built for large organisations.  Implemented with ease across multi-site organisations, targeting content to each location specifically.  Invotra is a SaaS application that is delivered by the cloud so every member in the organisation is assured to have a consistent user experience. 

Interested in finding out more??  Chat with us and demo the software, we’re sure you’ll love it as much as our users. 

Do you want to join our partner scheme?

Work with us to help your clients realise the investment potential of Invotra and deliver savings to their bottom line.

Together we will work to help organisations think beyond an initial campaign and into the future of effective internal communications.  Invotra supports creativity, collaboration and change.  We will discuss in depth how it will support their line-of-business data and integration of existing applications, to make an all round better internal operating system.

Running analytics and measuring results will boost your clients productivity and deliver savings on the bottom line.   Not only will employees be more engaged which will save the organisation millions, but organisations will have a massive amount of live internal data that can be analysed, resulting in the reduction in cost of external reporting.

How you can increase your revenue streams:

  • Deepen clients relationships by becoming a knowledge base for users queries
  • Run reports and measure employee engagement and internal communications campaign results
  • Make recommendations based on real internal business intelligence 
  • Have priority access to the customer services team for administrative changes
  • Receive updates on the version updates to disseminate to your clients
  • Provide training for author’s and editor’s
  • Receive a discount on further software development to build bespoke applications or features for your clients

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