UK Gov

Invotra’s relationship with UK Government has gone from strength to strength over the years. In only five years, Invotra has gained a 45% share of the total end user base of civil servants in UK Central Government.

Home Office Logo

Home Office

Invotra helped the Home Office move to a Cloud-run SaaS over four years ago. Previously HO was on a legacy content management system that required change requests to do basic operations like change a logo or other branding aspects.

Her Majesty’s Passport Office (HMPO) migrated to Invotra in 2015, as part of their internal reorganisation resulting in deeper ties with HO.

Department for Work and Pensions logo

Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)

Following a consulting engagement in 2015, DWP named Invotra as their intranet replacement in early 2016. DWP moved to public beta with their Staff Directory in 2017 and work continues to migrate the huge amount of content data to Invotra from previous legacy content repositories.

Department for Transport logo

Department for Transport (DfT)

DfT provides an example of how quickly a department can take advantage of a SaaS like Invotra. In 2016, DfT procured Invotra after an initial search and discovery of vendors. From the procurement decision, it took only three months for DfT to have a new version of their Staff Directory live. DfT has since retired their old Staff Directory and continues to use more and more of the powerful social collaboration tools within Invotra.


HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC)

Whilst never moving onto the Invotra SaaS platform as a result of internal strategic decisions, HMRC employed Invotra for their intranet replacement back in 2014. HMRC continue to this day to use Invotra for their intranet.

US Gov

UK Government is ranked top in the world for Digital Government. Countries such as the US, New Zealand and Canada are looking to UK Government to efficiently replicate the models that have already been proven and validated; they’ve delivered value, innovation and performance improvements. In short, they work. 

Invotra have recently established their US presence, and stand ready to apply our vast experience to US Government Departments in order to help them replicate the successes attained by their UK counterparts, through implementing Invotra. These include freedom from proprietary contracts, a significantly enhanced product at a reduced cost, as well as frequent innovation - Invotra release new features, fixes and product enhancements into secure environments, every two weeks. 

Our learnings after a relatively short time on the ground in the US relay that, although a few years apart in the evolution process, the requirements, bureaucracy and hesitations their US Govt face, are exactly the same as UK Govt encountered in recent years. The wheels are beginning to turn and have years of experience on hand in order to guide and advise US departments through the change process. Central controls are key; high level engagement and top down buy in is vital. 

Resounding themes emerging from June 2017's White House Tech Week included: 

  • A greater need for improving GovTech

  • Migrating to the cloud

  • Modernizing antiquated systems

  • Returning control to departments

  • Eliminating the need for lengthy change request processes

  • Cost saving initiatives

  • Providing enhanced user experiences