Mobile working

Challenges faced in implementing mobile working

When living in a society where vast amounts of information is readily accessible at the tip of your fingers, it can be a challenge for corporate organisations to keep up. Couple that with the fact that more and more employees expect flexible working to be standard practice rather than a perk and you could end up being left behind as modern technology continues to progress. The main issue that organisations face is enabling all of their corporate applications to be accessed securely and away from the office network but this can be a very costly and time consuming task. 


Increase availability

With mobile technology now ubiquitous, staff can access work files and documents from almost any location and keep in constant contact with the office. 

Improve business continuity

The adoption of mobile solutions can help businesses maximise revenues and avoid losses when faced with unexpected events.

Meet employees' needs

Mobile working allows for more time spent with others, meaning your team will feel appreciated, empowered and supported, and therefore stress levels will drastically reduce. 

Enabling your staff to work from home is not only beneficial to your staff but also to the wider organisation. As well as increasing productivity and improving the health of your employees', it can also reduce the amount of money spent on infrastructure, time wasted on lengthy commutes and most importantly allows you to attract and retain high-quality staff that might not live within a suitable commuting distance. 


Invotra features to enable mobile working

Mobile working is crucial in any modern organisation and with our product available in the cloud, your intranet is automatically available to every employee anywhere - securely. Your staff can keep up to date with all organisational news and log into any internal system with the same single, secure login that they use on desktops in the office. Collaborating with your team on documents or policies has the same functionality to comment, edit and publish as your desktop. Access Invotra from home or from anywhere; we've designed it to be responsive with mobiles and tablets in mind ensuring your experience using our product is consistent wherever you are.  


Mobile Working

  1. Single sign-on- Single credential security or Single sign on (SSO) technology makes logging into your online platforms quicker and more convenient, whilst also offering multiple other benefits to the reliability of your security.
  2. Feed  - Keep users up to date with all the latest relevant activities and communications from colleagues, teams and groups.
  3. Mobile branding - Our specific mobile branding features allows consistency across all devices which ensures your organisation branding is maintained regardless of how it is accessed.                                                                                                                                               
  4. Social and collaboration - All of our social features, such as groups and message wall, allow your users to stay connected to the organisation wherever they are. 

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