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Share knowledge

Invotra organises and captures one of your organisation’s most valuable assets. 

It's not just knowledge on documents we manage, it's knowledge of people too. 

Create and sustain competitive advantages by collecting and sharing information on skills and expertise from your organisation.  Save money on resourcing, work faster and smarter as well as gaining vital business intelligence about your workforce.  

Open up opportunities and save on resource - Detailing individual profiles and populating them with skills gives people access to a skill set that has been previously under-used.  This type of social mapping facilitates collaboration and skill sharing, which can affect your resources and bottom line.

Capture knowledge from as many sources as possible - Every word in Invotra is searchable making your Digital Workspace a massive library for any user wanting to find out information related to your organisation.  

Catch it then tag itInvotra gives you the ability to catalogue everything using a structured or user-built taxonomy - use tags and meta data to make information more findable.

Access things in your environment faster - Invotra Buildings implements the BIM (Building Information Management) model which allows you to map out entire spaces or buildings down to rooms or even areas within a room.  Tied with Invotra Things, we start to get into a world where we can know exactly where something is within a building.

Invotra connects your business applications - If you have an established knowledge management system in use already, Invotra can interface with it.  

Invotra is used in organisations to collaborate, publish and search on documentation as well as share knowledge.  

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