Enterprise integration

Interact and integrate with your other systems with one login

As a flexible platform, Invotra provides a unified interface for the integration of other business systems, allowing your intranet to become a dynamic business intelligence and self-service centre.

Invotra offers more than a nice intranet for your content and employees - APIs and custom connectors allow your intranet to interact and integrate with your other systems, surfacing real-time data and acting as an interface to more complicated business applications.

Because Invotra is maintained by our in-house developers, we can help integrate any and all systems you have - writing custom middleware to connect everything in the way that suits your needs and adheres to your IT department’s standards.

We can help ensure you deliver on your Single Sign On (SSO) promise. Invotra can authenticate through any security system you have in place, including Active Directory, LDAP, OAuth, and SAML.

Invotra’s use of APIs means integration with other business systems is straightforward, and means that changes to your systems should cause little disruption to end users accessing them through the Invotra interface.