Improving internal communications

Challenges faced in improving internal communications

Many organisations are placing increasing importance on improving efficiencies, including to their internal culture that ultimately impacts the quality of service delivered to customers. Overcoming internal communications issues, such as overuse of emails, has become one of the main issues that organisations struggle to rectify but without effective internal communications, large organisations are hard-pressed to build employee engagement, provide training or build teamwork.  


Track and measure engagement 

Using analytical dashboards allows you to track present information  and measure engagement with internal communications.

Increase engagement with targeted communications

The ability to add feeds that display up to date information allows you to contact the people with the right messages at the right time.   

Manage the entire publishing process

Use workflows, version control, document locking and archiving to control the process of corporate communications. .

Gone are the days of pushing the same messages to everyone in a one size fits all approach.  Users are receiving sophisticated targeted communications everyday whether it be on their smartphone, an app, digital signage or computers.  You need to be able to cut through the noise to connect with your audience. 

Invotra features to improve internal communications

Internal communications isn't just limited to just communicating with your wider audience, it's also about how you communicate with them through content. Present your content creatively with widgets, page templates and layouts so you can design and position your content quickly with ease. Our product makes complex corporate communications easy. Create, review and publish engaging content in no time.

Group screens

  1. Notifications When content is created and published, for example when another user comments on a blog you have created, you are sent a notification update to ensure you are aware of all important updates and communications.
  2. My Feed Keep users up to date with all the latest relevant activities and communications from colleagues, teams and groups.
  3. Branding - Our brand management features ensure you are in control, with help and support from our onboarding and support team, you can make any necessary adjustments with ease.
  4. Groups Give your users the power to create self organising digital conversations. initiating discussions with individual posts, replying and interacting with others who have posted, and collaborating on content using Invotra Group Docs.
  5. Content TargetingOur content targeting feature provides the ability to target employees in specific teams, locations, role grades and region.
  6. EventsAdvertise and invite colleagues to upcoming events with Invotra Events.

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