Cloud Hosting

Invotra Cloud Hosting Pricing (formerly known as Platform-as-a-Service) Services on the UK Government’s G-Cloud 9 framework

In order to be eligible for Invotra Cloud Hosting, you must be a customer of Invotra Cloud Software (either Invotra Silver, Gold or Platinum).

The Invotra Platform is a world-class and proven open-source technology platform that supports the Invotra Product application layer.

The stack utilises a wide range of applications such as SE Linux, Drupal, Solr, Apache, Memcache, MariaDB, and Nagios to provide the perfect delivery environment all built on a secure cloud infrastructure.

Invotra Cloud Hosting only applies to Invotra Services.

Invotra Cloud Hosting Pricing

Pricing for Invotra Cloud Hosting is £4,000 per instance per month

This pricing does not include the price for access to Invotra Cloud Software Services.

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