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Invotra has been working with the UK Public Sector for over five years.

Having started initially with consultancy work for the Cabinet Office, Invotra has over the years, grown its intranet and digital workplace technology in a strong partnership with the UK Government.

Invotra (and its predecessor iO1) has been on the UK Government’s G-Cloud Digital Marketplace framework from the very beginning in 2012. 

We are proud of our history with UK Government customers.

Why the Cloud?

For decades, it was the common view the enterprises should take ownership, either directly or indirectly, of their IT infrastructures and applications. Huge sums of money were spent maintaining environments, handling security and installing updates to applications.

Moving to the Cloud removes pain from your organisation, and provides flexibility to your IT infrastructure and application choices. No longer do you need to procure systems, applications and hardware and maintain them yourself. Buying from the Cloud allows you and your teams to pay for only that which you need. The responsibility of the management of the of the infrastructure shifts to the supplier.

Additionally, buying Cloud services removes CapEx (capital expenditure) from your IT budget. Procuring pay-as-you-go Cloud services shifts the CapEx to OpEx (operating expenses), with no depreciation effects.

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