Footer Control

Find out how you can evolve your intranet with our innovative features.

Ensure all content adheres to organisational branding policies


Change the colour, font size and the position of the footer


Customise the branding in-house to avoid lengthy and costly procedures



Having a customisable and flexible intranet provides a solution to many of your collaboration needs in an organisation. When staff are faced with an out-of-the-box platform that doesn’t represent the organisations branding or personality, they are subconsciously less inclined to interact with it, which can cause issues in the workplace.


As the intranet serves as an internal hub for communication, collaboration and a variety of other tasks, getting it right and making it your own can prove an arduous assignment so having a product that enables this even before you begin can be like a breath of fresh air. With our product we enable you to add your logo, insert links, change the colour, font, size and insert RSS feeds so that your footer is fully customisable on every page.



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