The overall ‘look n feel'

Invotra offers templates, page layouts, widgets and design aids needed to lay-out an intuitive intranet that’s easy to use.

We can help you consider the initial big things - like navigation menus and structure / information architecture - and Invotra empowers you to make immediate design changes to reflect the organisation over the months and years.  Simple logo changes or amendments to branding become easy to update, rather part of an expensive, lengthy process.

Without fuss or design skills, you’re free to update much of the design of your intranet yourself, including:

  • logo 
  • Fonts 
  • colours 
  • header / footer
  • Link colours
  • Layouts
  • Toolbards
  • Font Sizes
  • Page components

Widgets display content in different ways, and facilitate easy content re-use across the intranet. Invotra has a fantastic ‘out-of-the-box' bank of over 45 widgets that can be dropped into any page layout to add further functionality and content.

Widget functionality is complemented by various styles, helping to fit widgets seamlessly into page layouts.


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