Invotra's Digital Workplace offers small to medium enterprises and businesses the resources, support and tools to compete and succeed, while taking away the pain of maintaining and updating an intranet to truly represent your business.

Invotra’s cloud-based platform saves you money from the start, without investment in physical hardware and avoiding costly maintenance. With our Intranet ‘as a service’ model any maintenance and updates are handed over to us, to leave you free to use and enjoy your digital workplace.

An intranet service to meet your demands

Members of our service team

Working alongside you at all stages of your digital transformation, our expert account managers will ensure all of your long term goals are achieved and that any short term challenges are overcome. Our experienced account managers know exactly how our product can overcome any problems you face. From ensuring that all of your existing data is migrated smoothly to meeting any new demands are developed in our fortnightly release updates, our service provisions will take the strain of IT management from you and your team.

Saving you money and resources

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Remove any upfront costs in infrastructure setup. Your costs with a per user/per month payment allow you to forecast your next month’s costs, avoiding any unwelcome large payments and allowing you to predict and plan for any scaling up of use. Simply let us know what type of subscription would suit you and we can have you ready to go live almost immediately. In addition, our scalable model is always flexible, allowing your business to expand without any stress on your digital workplace.

Offering flexible mobile working

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With a cloud based Intranet as a service your workforce can access your digital workplace on any device. From a tablet, mobile, PC or laptop our responsive design makes mobile working simple.

Providing you with simple, regular updates

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Avoid complicated maintenance of your intranet by leaving the updating  of your system to us. With fortnightly releases you can be sure you are always up-to-date with the current version, and with all of the new features we offer.

Affordable, dependable security


While SMEs and SMBs are rightly concerned about the security of their resources, the costs involved in protecting from every risk can be preventative. Our security features and commitment to maintaining the highest level of protection makes your digital safety affordable.

We are proud to hold ISO 27001:2013 certification and to be members of the Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership (CiSP), so that our customers can be confident we have in place a systematic approach to managing and securing sensitive information.

Giving you full control of your branding and layout

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While you need a digital workplace that takes the stress out of transforming your digital workplace, your strong sense of identity and brand needs to come from within your business and your workforce need to be empowered to ensure that your intranet reflects you.  An Invotra digital workplace allows you to make any design, layout and branding changes quickly and easily, without further cost or disruption. Our account management team are always available to support you with any changes you wish to make but our branding features allow your internal teams to simply and immediately make any updates or changes you need.

Saving you money, directing your resources efficiently and developing your staff to be confident, engaged, digital workplace users. Invotra works hard with all SME and SMBs to ensure a clear understanding of where you have come from and strives to help you become all you aim to be.

Efficiencies Invotra offers to small to medium enterprises and businesses include:

  1. Portal - Expand your audience and reach with our Portal which allows you to share necessary information with partners, agencies or customers from outside of your organisation within a controlled, extranet environment.
  2. Branding - Our brand management features ensure you are in control, with help and support from our onboarding and support team, you can make any necessary adjustments with ease and without extra cost.        
  3. Mobile working - Mobile working is crucial in any modern organisation, to your workforce freedom to work remotely and to achieve work life balance. With our product available in the cloud, your intranet is automatically available to every employee anywhere - securely.
  4. Security - At Invotra we take security very seriously. All members of staff have an ongoing commitment to ensure that, as an organisation, we adhere to industry best practice and international standards set out by the International Organization for Standardization. 
  5.  Ideas - Give all employees the ability to submit ideas for improvements, or areas for their own development, then moderate and assign all suggested ideas to the correct teams for inclusion in your next round of innovation.
  6. Analytics - Discover more about how our analytics can transform the effectiveness of your intranet, identify and avoid costly time consuming consuming and drive user engagement.

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