Content Targeting

Right news, right person, right time

Content targeting allows internal communicators, knowledge managers, and content editors to push relevant information to specific audiences.

Such refined publishing means that your intranet can be tailored to people’s needs.

Invotra can target content by specific interest, location, region, role/grade or preferences.  These categories can be combined to reach very specific groups within your organisation.  Giving everyone their own individual workspace.


Role Grade: Job titles may be diverse, but many organisations have a set number of role types and or grades

Organisation unit: Invotra can support the structure of your organisation and push specific content to chosen areas of the organisation.

Location: Whether your organisation is spread across the globe, the country, or just a couple of offices, you can target content by location.

Region: Publicise events and content region.

Targeting helps communicators and content authors reach the right people. Get in touch today if you'd like to find out more about targeting content to your colleagues.


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