Content targeting

Deliver the right knowlege to the right person, at the right time

Your employees are often busy, under pressure and may feel they don't have time to be distracted by lengthy content which is irrelevant to their role. Your intranet needs to engage each of your users, individually, and provide them with engaging content, which aids and improves their efficiency, and doesn't get in the way of their need to navigate to the organisational knowledge they are seeking from your intranet. Our content targeting features provide your communicators and content authors the tools to reach the right people every time, and to make the content they share engaging and relevant.


Save employees' time

Knowing that the relevant, up-to-date information they need is available as soon as they engage with your intranet will ensure continued loyalty to your digital workplace. 

Always reach your intended audience 

Ensure your content reaches everyone it needs to with targeting to teams, role grades, exact locations and regions

Create individual workspaces

By targeting content by specific interest, location, region, role grade or preferences and combining these categories content can reach very specific groups, tailoring each user's content.

Content targeting allows internal communicators, knowledge managers, and content editors to push relevant information to specific audiences. Ensure that your intranet takes your essential organisational messages to all of you workforce and avoid overloading them with content by using our content targeting features to deliver your vital content to your workforce. 

Content targeting features

Providing engaging content, using our varied content types and adding related topics, targeting areas and allowing users to follow authors and content they are interested in all create an intranet your users will enjoy using and one that relates to their everyday work experiences. 

Targeted Content

  1. Content targeting - Find out more about how our content targeting widget allows you to filter and select content to display to specific users.
  2. My Feed Users are able to see all of the latest relevant activities and communications from colleagues, teams and groups, streamlined from the rest of the activity on your intranet.
  3. Content types- Ensure the layout of your content matches the information you need to convey with our varied content types, to engage users and ensure your message is successfully understood.
  4. People - Our content targeting allows information to be directed to each area of our staff directory, to teams, locations and role grades to areas of interest included on profiles.

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