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Moving from an old intranet to Invotra?

Even if Invotra is your first proper intranet, you’ll have a tonne of reference materials, policies, procedures, records, and communications that people will want on their new intranet.

On one hand, it’s a simple case of moving content over. On the other hand, this is an opportunity to assess the quality and usefulness of your content, and refine and refresh how people experience your corporate and project information.

You may already have a content strategy to follow, or we can develop comprehensive guidance with you. We can guide you on the process of creating a content inventory (using automated tools and such) and creating a useful content audit report. You’ll want to prioritise your content migration so that ‘must haves’ are completed early, and so you can write or rewrite material that is out-of-date but needed.

Your current content owners and subject-matter experts are the best people to support content migration, however, considering the administrative burden, others can help if the information architecture and structure guidance is clear.

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