Intranet Content Management

At the heart of Invotra is the Drupal content management framework

Relied upon by renowned organisations, including Oxford University, the Whitehouse, and, Drupal is an established open source solution that provides flexibility and scalability to create a robust intranet.

Drupal has been maintained by a global community of developers since 2001, and the Invotra team has contributed to the code base since 2005. We actively sponsor and develop Drupal’s functionality.

Content management is supported by Drupal’s core modules and can be extended by a variety of add-ons. Invotra can easily include the social and collaborative features you expect from a modern intranet. Should your organisation have unique requirements, we can find or create the right module.

While many IT professionals would advise only using ‘vanilla’ or ‘out of the box’ features, we can ensure your Invotra intranet matches your needs while still keeping everything simple. We are committed to open-source principles and will not ‘lock’ your content into the system.

Invotra site managers can easily designate approved content authors, and content authors will find that creating, editing, and reviewing content is straightforward.

Invotra will notify reviewers when their input is needed, and help ensure there’s no out-of-date material online. Publishing news, project updates, and reference material can become an everyday part of people’s roles - without needing constant support from your IT department.


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