Webmaster Certification

You might be an Intranet manager or webmaster for your previous platform and looking to transfer your existing knowledge and apply it Invotra. From making instant branding and design changes to having an overarching control on content throughout the platform you will be in charge of maintaining the information and content site wide. Assigning permission and roles to users who have proven their comfort in using the system and monitoring what is made viewable to the devices of your users.


  • 2 days Invotra training workshop

  • 1 day refresher session (optional)

  • Certification Exam

Duration: 3 and a half days


Roles applied to:

  • Webmaster


Covered in this course:

Site sections

  1. Creating a site section

  2. Editing a site section

  3. Deleting a site section

  4. Giving another user access to a site section


Creating content

  1. Explanation of each content type

  2. How to create content

  3. What each field is used for

  4. Adding your content to a specific section



  1. How to use the WYSIWYG

  2. What each button is used for

  3. Adding media

  4. Configuring WYSIWYG buttons available for users


Managing content

  1. Viewing content

  2. Editing content

  3. Deleting content

  4. Scheduled publishing

  5. Comment moderation

  6. Reviewing content

  7. Cloning and revisions



  1. What is a workflow?

  2. Configuring the workflows

  3. Workflows and states

  4. Second level publishing

  5. Third level publishing


In Place Editing (IPE)

  1. How to use the IPE

  2. Add, remove and configure widgets

  3. Widget styles



  1. Configuring settings

  2. Determining what a user can see

  3. Search highlights

  4. Custom content types

  5. Search settings

  6. Exporting and Importing



  1. Logo

  2. Footer

  3. Font sizes


  1. Adding a user to the system

  2. Deleting a user

  3. Assigning roles to a user

My Workspace

  1. Viewing your conten

Invotra features

  1. My Newsfeed

  2. Search

  3. Reports and Analytics

  4. Preview mode

  5. People directory

  6. Rating content

  7. Following

  8. New Invotra features

Completion of the course:

Upon successful completion of the training workshop, refresher day (optional) and a minimum score of 75% in the Invotra certification exam, attendees will receive a personalised certificate.

  1. Invotra workshop completion certificate

  2. Certified premium certificates in the roles covered by this course.

  3. Invotra profile page will be updated with a certified indicator, for all users to see! (subject to approval from your organisation).