Let us show you why

Engagement service

A new system requires careful consideration from all perspectives - IT, Comms, Users. In order to ensure adoption of your new platform, the waters must meet.

Crucially, users need to like the system understand what it means for them, their roles - in additon to feeling like their needs have been taken onboard. We'd love to talk to you about the range of ways in which we can facilitate you engaging with your business.

  • Credentials
  • Years of experience of large scale enterprise architecture
  • Change Management. The people skills required to bring people along the way - we know that successful uptake, or lack thereof, will ultimately make or break a rollout
  • Training. Don't forget training. (We won't let you!)
  • Best practices in the field of requirements gathering, on-boarding, data migration
  • Skilled people who have 'grown up' with Invotra, and really know what they're talking about