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Stay connected with Invotra.    

Your Digital Workspace is a place for collaboration, engagement and social interaction.  

Breakdown the silos and achieve seamless collaboration between people, teams and projects.  Where ever you're working, you'll use the same simple tools and applications to communicate.  Invotra has the same look and feel whether you're working from your desktop or your mobile.

Create your own project groupsInvotra Groups allows you to organise people together for any reason.  Groups is a space to publish and collaborate on content which is only available to the members of the group.  

Create a happy and more collaborative culture - Everyone interacts socially.  It's the norm these days.  Social working breaks down barriers and gives people a snapshot of what the company is talking about or trending.  Follow people, comment or rate their content, share their ideas and initiate further discussions.  

Collaboration on an uber scale - Invotra Ideas provides a voice for every user.  People make sugesstions on company improvements which are then sent to the relevant person and sent down a workflow path.    

Solving issues together - Invotra Tickets is a nifty way for users to report on issues.  Perhaps, Office Management need to let IT know that the printer needs repairing or content needs updating on the website.  Anyone in the organisation can create a ticket for another department.

A voice for everyone - Forums is a tried and tested way for people have a space where they can exchange views and discuss topics.  Users can set up conversation's within topics, conversations might be informal regarding a 5 a-side football team or about the company's corporate social policies.  Whatever they are they're public, so anyone can join the debate.  

Never lose your edits with a Wiki - Invotra Wikis are great when used in Groups to collaborate.  The document allows you to create content and everyone within the Group can edit. All changes are tracked so edits are never lost.  Perhaps you're collaborating on a new expenses policy. When collaboration is complete, the wiki content can be made into a policy.

So many different ways to collaborate, Invotra gives you the freedom to choose a style that suits you.

Invotra is used in organisations to share knowledge, publish and search on documentation as well as collaborate.  

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