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About Us

Invotra is a fast-growing intranet software company, backed by experts with decades of experience delivering robust solutions to the open source community.

Through our easy-to-use SaaS platform we deliver a secure, flexible digital workplace to hundreds of thousands of users - watch our video to find out more.

Invotra was originally founded by iO1, one of Europe's leading Open Source consultancies, with a substantial history, not to mention credentials.

Established in 2004, iO1 quickly became one of the most active members of the Open Source community globally. It's a significant claim to make when we say that that code written by our team is being in used on every major Drupal site worldwide, and not one we make lightly! iO1 are the primary sponsor for some of the most widely-used modules including Views, CTools , Panels and Panelizer committed in partnership with NBC Universal (iVillage). 

Our reputation has afforded us the opportunity to work with some of the biggest organisations, both within UK Government and enterprise worldwide. In 2012, we made a decision to align with Cabinet Office policy surrounding the use of Open Source Software, the use of which has powerful implications for departments as a client. We now serve over 45% of central UK Government and continue to grow.

The application is sleek, intuitive 'lift & drop solution, and can be implemented in any organisation that requires a fluid, system that can both easily integrate with other 'line of business' systems, while empowering engaging communications. 

• Enable innovation, flexibility, easier integration
• Drives down price of software
• No vendor or service monopoly
• No single-vendor means diversity of support and services choice, sustained competition is a customer benefit
• Lower barriers to entry, widens participation

Our evolution excites us. Building a business based on super functionality and first class service, we became disillusioned with some of the service models we have encountered on our journey. As a result, we made a promise to ourselves, and to our clients. It's something we're inherently passionate about and hope it portrays the values and those that underpin iO1, one of the most active members of the Open Source community.

“At no point will we now, or ever, put a technical or procedural impediment in any client’s way should they decide to stop using our service. 
They will be able to gain access to all code required to build an equivalent solution and will always have access to download their content, in a structured format, without the need to engage with us.”