About Us

Invotra is an energetic, fast-growing, intranet software company. Backed by experts with decades of experience in delivering enterprise-scale content management, coupled with the innovation & passion of our team, we are proud of our growth and track record when it comes to competing with global SI’s to win our valued clients.

Through our intuitive SaaS platform, we deliver a secure, flexible digital workplace to hundreds of thousands of users. - watch our video to find out more.


Our history

Invotra was originally founded back in 2013 by iO1 Ltd, one of most active members of the global Open Source community. Established in 2004, iO1 quickly became one of the most respected members of the Open Source community. It's a significant claim to make when we say that that code written by our team is being in used on every major Drupal site worldwide, and not one we make lightly! iO1 have long been the primary sponsor for some of the most popular Drupal modules including Views, CTools, Panels and Panelizer, the latter of which we committed back into the community in partnership with NBC Universal (iVillage.com).

Our hard earned reputation has afforded us the opportunity to work with some of the biggest organisations, both within UK Government and enterprise, worldwide. In 2011, we made a decision to align with Cabinet Office policy surrounding the use of Open Source Software, the use of which has powerful implications for departments as a client. Within a short number of years, we find ourselves with almost 50% Central UK Government running on Invotra’s Digital Workspace, often facing international SI's for the work. How did we achieve this? We truly listened to user needs, developed what they asked for, embedded all functionality and developed a fair model that ensured users didn't pay for functionality that was already written. We disrupted the market and provided a refreshing alternative to clients. We continue to listen, engage and innovate constantly, underpinning everything we do with robust security and governance. Invotra is a fluid lift and drop solution that securely enables clients to evolve in response to today's changing digital workplace demands.

With offices now in the UK (HQ in Woking and an office in Newcastle), Ireland (Dublin) and most recently in the US (Denver, Colorado), Invotra continues to innovate constantly to stay ahead of the curve, and to effectively fulfill the needs of our internationally expanding client base.



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