Announcing Invotra Portal

An extension of the Digital Workplace 

Invotra has today announced the launch of Invotra 4.0; a brand new Portal platform which allows organisations to extend their collaboration and content to external users who are involved with the organisation. This is particularly well suited to membership organisations, or those with a vast or dispersed network of suppliers, subscribers or supporters, with whom the company wants to better engage and communicate.

The functionality of Invotra Portal allows organisations to control exactly what information their external audience can access, but gives those external users the ability to join existing groups and interact with internal users; breaking down the usual barriers of communication. Automatic filters are applied across the platform, so that pages the user has access to will not display any restricted content and all notifications are also tailored to their access level.

Fintan Galvin, CEO of Invotra said, “The launch of the Invotra Portal is a fantastic evolution; most people know Invotra as providers of digital workplace platforms, and we’re now launching a platform that allows organisations to improve engagement among their external audiences in a similar way.

“For businesses with a vast or dispersed external network, this makes a big difference to their external comms; delivering bespoke and tailored communication in a timely manner, making their suppliers or members truly feel a part of their wider mission and vision, or simply that they are well informed and communications are tailored and relevant to them. We look forward to working with businesses across private and public sectors to improve their external engagement efforts.”

If you want to find out more about how Invotra Portal can help you in your organisation then see our Portal page

Monday, November 20, 2017