Intranet migration

We have many years of experience in enterprise data migration that we bring to help our clients when they need it.

Data migration highlights from the team:

- 99 million records migrated to Drupal for Global Media Company

- Migrations from

-- Vignette

-- Robohelp

-- 400k flat html pages

-- Sharepoint

-- Stellant

-- Wordpress

-- Bespoke Java

-- Cobol Application

10 Tips for content audits on your intranets

Content audits are key to understanding your intranets especially if you are replacing an old systems.

  1. Use an automated spider to get you a great overview of your existing content, Xenu is a free one thats super fast and has some great features
  2. Document what you understand to comprise your intranet, watch out for iframed items that users may consider part of their intranet
  3. Make sure you account for all types of content, videos, documents are all obvious but watch out for other items that you might not expect e.g. paged applications that do nothing other than deliver training content
  4. Check all locations that redirects could be happening, sometimes these can happen on proxy servers or web servers that you wont see from your cms
  5. Make sure you delete anything you can as early as possible to make the reports smaller and easier to understand
  6. If you can use a search engine spider such nutch to help you, these you can then report against and rerun at will
  7. Watch  out for language variations and make sure that you dont discount items becuase at a glance they look wrong
  8. Engage the business to highlight the key documents and areas that are of most concern to each department
  9. Watch for data that is embedded in code, older systems will frequently have embedded content in code for convience
  10. Make sure that you automate as much as possible from the beginning as you will probably have to rerun many times

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