Drive membership engagement and acquisition with Invotra's digital workplace and portal.

As a membership organisation you know that your success comes from collaboration, participation, and your members sharing their ideas through strong relationships. Your current members need the tools and applications to ensure that this can be done efficiently and securely, and any potential members want to see that investing in your organisation will be beneficial, with a digital workplace in place to allow them to share in your continued achievements.

Portal access for your membership

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Offer personalised and targeted content through an organisation wide intranet and extend your knowledge and resource sharing to your wider membership through our Portal.

Share necessary information with all of your members within a controlled, secure and collaborative extranet environment.

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Collaboration across your organisation and beyond

Social Collaboration

Provide deeper membership engagement, greater commitment and encourage retention with members who are empowered to share their experience and ideas.

Ensure that your members' digital experience is personal to their interests and responsibilities, while enabling the promotion of important updates and announcements through organisation wide newsfeed messages.

Our group application provides the perfect space networking and sharing knowledge. Employees and members can collaborate openly across hierarchies and teams, and our feed and notifications mean all stakeholders are kept up to date with any developments.

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Data analysis tools


Our analytics tools allow you to review and stay on top of your memberships' requirements and behaviours. Our fortnightly releases allow you to respond and act on your findings simply and without delay.  

Allowing you to create an optimised experience for your users, whether your internal workforce, or your external stakeholders, the data analysis provided in our digital workplace product allows you to measure and act on user experience and feedback. 

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Responsive, accessible working

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Understanding your membership is not restricted to fixed roles and locations Invotra enables access to your digital workplace, from anywhere and from any device, meeting the expectations and needs of all of your members.

Be assured that your all of your members can access the resources and communities they need, with our commitment to the highest levels of accessibility.


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